Krav Maga Newcastle

Krav Maga Newcastle is the right class for you!

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 16.40.42Our Krav Maga Newcastle classes are your best choice for Krav Maga training in the North-East, offering you the chance to learn and ultimately master this one-of-a-kind self defence system under the guidance of some of the UK’s most skilled instructors. Join our regular classes and you’ll meet new people, enjoy increased fitness levels, and most importantly, you’ll learn the world-beating Krav Maga system – as used by Israeli Special Forces. Train with us at Krav Maga Newcastle for a healthier body, an enriched social life and a safer future for you and your loved ones.


What kind of people train with Krav Maga Newcastle? Your kind. Everybody is welcome at Spartans Academy of Krav Maga Newcastle, whether you’re male or female, weak or strong, shy or outgoing. Our training sessions are built to be accommodating for all kinds of students, and the atmosphere of our classes is warm and friendly, without fail. If you’d like to see for yourself, you’re welcome to join us at one of our sessions, absolutely free of charge. We’re sure you’re going to fit right in and love every minute!

What if I’m too old? As far as we’re concerned here at Krav Maga Newcastle, there’s no such thing as being ‘too old’ to empower yourself with skills that can safeguard you from harm. Students at our classes vary considerably in age – from 16-year old whippersnappers to octogenarians! Whatever your age, we are here to help you become fitter, stronger and better equipped to defend yourself.

What if I’m not fit enough to do Krav Maga? As we mentioned earlier, Krav Maga Newcastle’s classes aren’t just about learning to defend yourself; they’re about improving your physical fitness and having a great time too. Come to our classes and you’ll find yourself in a supportive, non-judgemental environment alongside students of all shapes and sizes. Keep coming to those classes – devised with meticulous care by our Chief Instructor, Gheorghe Husar – and you’ll start to notice big changes in yourself in the shape of healthy weight loss and a fitter body. Krav Maga has been proven to be one of the best ways to lose weight, burning more calories than: swimming, cycling or running.

I don’t think I’ll ever need to defend myself. Very few people do think they’ll ever need to defend themselves! Sadly, the danger of violence exists everywhere in society, and it is far better to be prepared to face this threat than to simply hope for the best. After just one two-hour session with Krav Maga Newcastle, your chances of suffering a sexual assault or violent crime will be reduced. This is your chance to invest a little time and effort in a safer future for yourself and the people who matter most.

But I’m a lover, not a fighter! Krav Maga is not designed for use by people who want to go out looking for a fight. Aggressive actions are undeniably key to the system, but only as a means of neutralising a threat to your person. Krav Maga Newcastle’s training will provide you with the fighting techniques and overall fitness required to handle the kind of violent threats that can happen to anyone, from muggings to random attacks.

What if I’m not a martial artist? You absolutely do not need to have previous martial arts experience in order to participate in Krav Maga Newcastle training. As a matter of fact, prior experience in martial arts like judo and tai-kwon-do can prove to be more of a hindrance than a help, as the movements involved in the different systems are not necessarily transferable. .